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As of 30/04/2016 new EU regulations will change roaming within the European Union. From then, you can use all national bundles that Ortel Mobile offers in Belgium also for roaming in EU.

When you have activated a bundle and you travel in the EU, your calling minutes, SMS and data-use will be charged to that bundle, together with a surcharge that is applied in all EU countries except Belgium.

An overview of tariffs


If you have recharge bonus minutes (find out by sending Bundle to 1966), your calls to Ortel Mobile Belgium numbers, BASE numbers and fixed lines in Poland and Romania will be deducted of your bonus minutes, with a surcharge of €0.06/min deducted from your call credit .

If you have finished your free minutes or you are calling outside of a bundle, your call from EU to EU will be charged at €0.06/min.

Receiving a call is charged at € 0,0138/min, deducted from your call credit.


If you activated an SMS bundle, any messages you send when travelling in the European Union will be taken from your bundle, with a surcharge of €0.02/SMS.

Out of bundle you pay €0.12/SMS, deducted from your call credit.

Receiving SMS is free in EU.

Sending an MMS in EU is charged at €0.35/MMS.


With an active data bundle, your data usage in EU is deducted from your bundle, with a surcharge of €0.06/MB.

If you did not activate a data bundle, your data usage will be billed at €0.50/MB.

Be aware that there are applications that could use mobile data even if you manually turned it off. To avoid high charges, you can turn off data roaming in the settings of your smartphone. Please consult the manufacturer’s manual.

For more information you can call 1976 free of charge from your Ortel Mobile number, anywhere in EU.

Calls in roaming are charged per second as of the 31st second.

Data in roaming is charged per KB.