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Ortel Mobile has its origins in the Netherlands, where the company was established in 2005. One year later, in April 2006, Ortel Mobile Belgium was founded. From the start, the Ortel Mobile team has been made up of an enthusiastic team with backgrounds reflecting our customers. Ortel Mobile is currently present in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

In March 2008, KPN purchased 65% of shares in Ortel Mobile. As of January 2010, KPN became full shareholder of Ortel Mobile. For Ortel Mobile Belgium this means we are part of BASE, whose network we also use.

Our goal has always been to make it easier for people to keep in touch with friends and family, wherever they may be in the world. Calling abroad at a cheap price traditionally went hand in hand with long and complicated codes that needed to be entered before you could even start dialling the number you wanted to reach. With Ortel Mobile, you can have the cheap tariffs for calling almost any place in the world and still just use one mobile phone. No more hassle with switching SIM cards, in addition to the cheap international tariffs we also offer competitive national rates and mobile internet plans. All you need in one SIM card.