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The present General Terms & Conditions comprise a number of sections. The terms used in these General Terms & Conditions are defined in section A. Section B is specifically applicable to mobile telephony services. Section C sets out the general rules which are applicable to all services.
In the event of any conflict between (i) the provisions relating to a specific service, or any Special Conditions and (ii) the conditions set out in Section C, the Special Conditions shall prevail over the provisions relating to a specific service.

A. Definitions
In these General Terms & Conditions the following terms mean:
Content Provider: natural or legal persons responsible for the design, management and distribution of Content.
General Terms & Conditions: the present General Terms & Conditions, the text of which is available from Ortel Mobile and can be consulted on
Consumer (s): any natural person who is a Customer and who exclusively uses the Services or buys the Products for non-professional purposes.
Data Services: Mobile Services that are offered to the Customer by Ortel Mobile or by a Content Provider and that enable the Customer to gain access via a mobile phone to the Internet (public network), an Intranet (corporate networks) or other applications (Blackberry, WAP, MMS, Text Messaging) via the Network.
Data Agreement: the agreement that the Customer agrees to in order to make use of Data Services. Services: all the services (Mobile) that the Customer has signed up for.
Content: the information made available to the Customer via the Internet (public network), Intranet (corporate networks) or other applications, regardless of the identity of the Content Provider.
Customer: the natural person, legal person, an incorporated public partnership or (actual) association that uses the Services and/or purchases a Product.
Ortel Mobile: Ortel Mobile N.V.: Noordersingel 23 - 2140 Antwerp.
Mobile Services: the mobile telephony service and the additional services that Ortel Mobile provides.

Network: Ortel Mobile’s mobile telephony network used by Ortel Mobile for the provision of Services.

Agreement: the contractual relationship between the Customer and Ortel Mobile in connection with the purchase of the Products and/or use of the Services. The Agreement comprises the General Terms and Conditions and any Special Conditions and technical specifications.

Product (s): the collective name for one or more products that the Customer purchases, or is provided with by Ortel Mobile.
SIM card: the chip card that is provided by Ortel Mobile to a Customer and that must be inserted into the Customer’s mobile phone to be able to use the mobile telephony network.

Text Message: short text messages of up to 160 characters per unit that the Customer can send and receive using their mobile phone.

Prepaid Call Credit: the prepaid call credit that gives the Customer access to certain Mobile Services using their SIM card to the value of that prepaid amount and for which no invoice is issued.

B. Mobile telephony

B.1. Connection and activation procedures
The Customer can gain access to the Mobile Services by purchasing Prepaid Call Credit.

B.1.1. Prepaid Call Credit
Prepaid Call Credit gives the customer direct access to a number of Mobile Services up to the amount of the call credit. The available Mobile Services and applicable rates vary depending on the type of Prepaid Call Credit chosen. Further information in this regard is available from Ortel Mobile, and on the relevant product website, which you can find via Prepaid Call Credit is a product available exclusively to Consumers, under exclusion of business users, for which no invoice is therefore issued.

B.1.2. The Customer can make calls with the telephone number assigned to him/her until such time as the Prepaid Call Credit is completely used up or has been definitively forfeited in accordance with clause B.2.2. of the General Terms & Conditions. Provided that Ortel Mobile has not withdrawn the number pursuant to clause B.2.2 of the General Terms & Conditions, the Customer can continue receiving calls in Belgium.

B.1.3 The Customer is at no time entitled to a refund of unused Prepaid Call Credit, even in the event that clause B.2.2 of the General Terms & Conditions should apply.

B.1.4. Customers using Prepaid Call Credit but not registering with Ortel Mobile accept that their identity is thus unknown to Ortel Mobile and that Ortel Mobile is therefore unable to provide such Customers with any information, including mandatory information, other than in an extremely concise manner by way of a text message.

B.2. Ortel Mobile’s contract performance
B.2.1. Roaming and international calls
Depending on the options, any deposit or down payment, the type of Prepaid Call Credit, or the period during which a Customer has already been a Customer, Ortel Mobile offers the Customer the possibility of making calls from or receiving calls in a number of countries other than Belgium ("roaming"), or making calls from Belgium to a number of foreign networks (international calls). The list of such countries and the prices charged for such roaming services and international calls are available through the Ortel Mobile helpdesk and on the relevant product website which you can find via Roaming and international rates are continuously revised in terms of the relevant contracts between Ortel Mobile and its partners. As a result, these rates may change while the Customer is abroad. Depending on the country the Customer happens to be in, the SIM card will or will not automatically select a network of one of Ortel Mobile’s partner. However, the Customer remains free, at all times, to manually select another network of choice, provided that Ortel Mobile has contracted a roaming agreement in that country with the operator of the other Network. Should the Customer wish to benefit from special rates offered by one of Ortel Mobile’s roaming partners, he/she must select the correct network immediately upon arriving in that country. Network coverage and availability of the service in foreign countries is entirely dependent on the foreign operator whose network is used, and, as a result Ortel Mobile can in no way be held responsible in the event of any interruption or unsatisfactory quality of Services abroad.

B.2.2. Call number
Ortel Mobile undertakes to activate the SIM card as quickly as possible. No later than upon activation, one call number per connection is assigned to the Customer. The Customer is not entitled to demand a specific number (except in the event that the Customer transfers his/her number to Ortel Mobile from another mobile operator, in which case he/she may retain the number that was originally assigned by the other operator), nor may he/she subsequently demand that it be changed. At the end of the Agreement, the Customer loses his number permanently unless he/she asks to retain his/her number in accordance with Ortel Mobile’s procedure applied to mobile number portability. In any event, Ortel Mobile is at all times entitled to change the Customer’s number for compelling operational reasons on the condition that the Customer is informed thereof at least two (2) months in advance. In no event will Ortel Mobile be liable to pay compensation to the Customer in this respect.

In the event of Prepaid Call Credit, the Customer agrees that:
the Prepaid Call Credit only remains valid for a period of six (6) months following the purchase of said call credit; Ortel Mobile has the right at any time to withdraw the call number (with the result that the telephone number is permanently lost to the Customer) if the Customer has not purchased any Prepaid Call Credit within a period of six (6) months following the purchase of the SIM card or the last purchase of Prepaid Call Credit for that SIM card.

An amendment by Ortel Mobile to its applicable terms & conditions (including, but not limited to, a change in the applicable domestic rates) shall in no event affect the Consumer’s rights with respect to call credit purchased before the change. Prepaid Call Credit purchased before the revised terms & conditions came into effect continues to be subject to the previous terms until the next top-up made after the changed terms & conditions come into effect. The Customer is deemed to have accepted the amended terms & conditions simply by purchasing new Prepaid Call Credit.
B.3. Rights, obligations and liabilities of the Customer
B.3.1. SIM card - PIN code
B.3.1.1. In order to prevent abuse, the Customer shall immediately upon receiving his/her SIM card change the default PIN code (0000) to a personal PIN code. The Customer is responsible for keeping this code strictly confidential and shall therefore ensure that he/she doesn’t choose a code that is not overly simple (e.g. 1111, 2222 or 1234).
B.3.1.2. Ortel Mobile is and remains the sole proprietor of the SIM card provided to the Customer. The Customer shall in any event be solely liable to Ortel Mobile for the performance of his/her obligations under the Agreement. The Customer must make responsible, reasonable use of the SIM card. Any attempt to copy the technical identification data on the SIM card and any fraudulent use of the SIM card is prohibited and shall result in the withdrawal of the call number linked to the SIM card, without prejudice to other measures that Ortel Mobile might take against the Customer.
B.3.1.3. In the case of loss, theft or damage to the SIM card, the Customer continues to be liable for the use of and payment for the call costs and other charges until such time as the Customer has requested Ortel Mobile, by telephone, to suspend the Mobile Services. This request must be confirmed by the Customer in writing within eight (8) days of the telephone notification. At the request of Ortel Mobile, the Customer must disclose the reference number of the police report of the loss or theft. The validity period of Prepaid Call Credit of which the validity is limited in time is not suspended and therefore lapses on the initially scheduled date. At the Customer's request and upon payment of the costs thereof, Ortel Mobile will provide the Customer with a new SIM card.
B.3.2. Mobile telephone
B.3.2.1. The Customer shall only use the Mobile Services using a telephone that meets Belgian and European standards, and is suited for the Network and services that the Customer wishes to use. Even if the Customer’s telephone is suited to the Network, Ortel Mobile does not guarantee that all the telephone’s functions can be used. The Customer shall adhere strictly to the instructions for use of his/her mobile phone. The Customer shall be responsible for replacing his/her mobile phone if, for technical reasons inherent in the device, the device is unable to gain access to the Network or is unsuitable for using certain Data Services. Use of any other device, including the use of SIM boxes or GSM gateways, is prohibited unless Ortel Mobile gives its express, written permission and the IMEI number of the relevant device or relevant SIM box is registered by Ortel Mobile. The Customer agrees that calls from or to unauthorized devices may be automatically blocked without any prior warning and that such use entitles Ortel Mobile to immediately suspend and/or terminate the Mobile Services immediately without any prior notice.

B.3.2.2. Ortel Mobile points out that, notwithstanding the excellent quality of the Network, it is not possible for Ortel Mobile to guarantee perfect coverage over all of Belgium in all circumstances.
B.3.2.3. The Customer acknowledges that he/she is aware of the risks associated with the use of mobile phones (especially when driving a vehicle, while refueling and in the vicinity of flammable materials and/or explosives), and of the disruptions that use can cause to medical equipment and in aircrafts.
B.3.3. Sending text or voice messages
B.3.3.1. The Customer is prohibited from sending text or voice messages via the Network to groups of more than twenty (20), whether or not they are pre-identified users of a mobile telephone.
B.3.3.2. Unless the recipient has given express permission, the Customer is prohibited from sending text or voice messages that contain any commercial content to third parties through the Network.
B.4. Use of Mobile Services for specific purposes
Unless Ortel Mobile gives its express, written permission, the Customer is in all circumstances prohibited, in any way, from selling, giving away, subleasing or in any other way marketing the SIM card and/or Mobile Services allotted to him/her, whether wholly or in part (for example, with the aid of a SIM box).

C. General
C.1. Best efforts obligation
Relating to the provision of the Services, Ortel Mobile is only under a best efforts obligation. Ortel Mobile will use all reasonable resources to ensure the smooth access, security, reliability and proper functioning of the Services with as few interruptions as possible. Ortel Mobile itself determines the most technically appropriate means of providing the Services, but is under no obligation whatsoever to extend the Network or increase the network capacity. Ortel Mobile does not guarantee continual uninterrupted use of the Services, or the certainty that all data sent and received by way of suitable mobile devices can be delivered uninterruptedly, in the correct form and within a certain period of time. If use is made of the Internet or similar networks then interference and/or the unavailability of connections with other telecommunications networks may hinder use of some Services.

C.2. Liability of ORTEL MOBILE
C.2.1. Ortel Mobile undertakes to use all reasonable resources to prevent any disruption to the Customer and, in the event disruptions should occur, to use all reasonable means to limit the damage sustained by the Customer. The Customer understands and accepts that Ortel Mobile cannot be held responsible for damage that the Customer
suffers as a result of (partial) external factors and/or actions by the Customer him/herself, including, but not limited to:
a) interruptions or quality defects in the Services due to external factors (such as interruptions or quality defects in networks and installations of third parties that are used by Ortel Mobile; interruptions or quality defects due to obstacles that hinder wireless communication; measures imposed by Belgian or European authorities);
b) interruptions in use attributable to maintenance, improvement and/or expansion works to the Network, the terminal or other equipment at Ortel Mobile installations;
c) incorrect or erroneous use of the Services by the Customer;
d) malfunctioning of the (mobile) telephone. In the event of malfunction or configuration problems associated with his/her device, the Customer must exclusively seek assistance from the seller or manufacturer of the device and not Ortel Mobile;
e) the use by the Customer of a (mobile) telephone, (i) contrary to the instruction manual or the Agreement, or (ii) that is not approved under applicable standards, or (iii) without taking the necessary precautions against viruses, third parties infiltration etc.;
f) intervention by third parties notwithstanding the security measures of Ortel Mobile;
g) use or misuse of the Customer’s PIN code or password (i) further to voluntary or involuntary disclosure of that code or password to a third party, (ii) if the Customer has failed immediately to change the default PIN to a personal PIN code, or (iii) if the Customer changed the default PIN to a simple personal PIN code (e.g. 1234, 5555, etc.).

C.2.2. In no event can Ortel Mobile be held liable for any indirect and/or consequential damages sustained by the Customer as a result of the Agreement, such as, but not limited to, loss of profits or turnover, business interruption, loss or damage to data, etc.

C.2.3. Ortel Mobile cannot in any event be held liable for:
a. the content of the conversations conducted in the context of the Services;
b. transactions entered into by the Customer and a third party and the services provided by third parties or accessible using the Services;
c. the content, integrity or accuracy of the data sent using the Services and the information provided by third parties or accessible using the Services;
d. any breach of the confidentiality of data sent using the Services;
e. damage to or loss of data sent using the Services.
C.2.4. Other than in cases of fraud or serious breach on the part of Ortel Mobile or any of its employees, and without prejudice to applicable statutory provisions of law, Ortel Mobile’s liability is generally, and for every case in which it might potentially bear liability, limited to maximum five times the maximum top-up amount by the Customer, provided that this amount is less than fifty thousand euros (€ 50,000).

C.3. Purchasing a Product - Warranties
C.3.1. Every product - except the SIM card - becomes the property of the Customer on its purchase by the Customer. Thenceforth, the Customer bears the risk of theft or loss of the Product, and in relation to this may not assert any rights against Ortel Mobile. Notwithstanding the fact that the Customer is the owner of the product, he is prohibited from
changing the specific settings thereof. In the event of infringement of this prohibition, proper functioning of the Service can no longer be guaranteed.
C.4. Personal data – Privacy Protection
C.4.1. Data of a personal nature including electronic data (email address, telephone number, login code, password, etc.) that the Customer communicates to Ortel Mobile or that Ortel Mobile allocates to the Customer, and data relating to calls, telephone numbers and transit volumes and the location and time of calls are contained in the Ortel Mobile database. Ortel Mobile is responsible for processing the data and the associated data files are located at the registered office of Ortel Mobile. The processing of this data is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 8 December 1992, and the Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005. This data may be shared with other companies in the KPN Group to which Ortel Mobile belongs and/or with companies with which Ortel Mobile has contracted an agreement for the provision of services. This data is processed for the purpose of the performance of the Agreement (including the storage of text and voice messages or offering location-based services), Customer management (such as preparing and sending out invoices, follow-up, receipt, monitoring and possible collection of payments, disputes settlements), fraud prevention and the prevention and investigation of infringements, as well as marketing and market research with regard to the Services and Products. In the latter case, the data may be passed on to market research firms.
If the Customer wishes to make use of certain Data Services, it may be necessary for Ortel Mobile to process certain personal data specifically so that the Customer can gain access to Content that certain Content Providers offer.
By sending a dated, signed request to Ortel Mobile’s registered office, the Customer may inspect the personal data relating to him/her and stored in the Ortel Mobile files and request that they be amended. Similarly, the Customer may object to use of his personal data, including his/her electronic data, for marketing and market research purposes.

In the context of its legal obligation to assist emergency services and judicial authorities, Ortel Mobile reserves the right to disclose certain personal data to the authorities or other authorised persons.

Various personal details (e.g. localisation data) may be rendered anonymous by Ortel Mobile (as a result of which they are no longer personal data) and those anonymous details may be used by Ortel Mobile for statistical purposes, may be passed to third parties or may be sold.

By revealing his/her personal details, the Customer expressly authorises Ortel Mobile to process them as described above, with a view to the purposes set out above.
With regard to the data banks referred to in this clause, the Customer may also obtain additional information by enquiring with the Public Register of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy
C.4.2. The Customer expressly agrees that for the purposes of training and verification calls from and to Ortel Mobile may be monitored by other employees or consultants of Ortel Mobile than the Customer’s direct contact person or may be recorded as evidence of commercial transactions.
C.4.3. The Customer agrees that Ortel Mobile may, on request by the ombudsman for telecommunications, the FPS Economy or any other competent authority, take cognisance of the content of the communications forming the subject of a complaint or dispute and may pass that content to the authorities as appropriate.
C.5. Rights, obligations and liabilities of the Customer
C.5.1. Information
The Customer acknowledges that prior to contracting the Agreement he/she received all requisite information relating to the Services and Products.
C.5.2. Careful use
The Customer undertakes that he/she will use the Services and Products with normal care and attention, in accordance with the Agreement, applicable laws and custom in relation to public policy and standards of decency. The Customer is responsible for oversight of his/her installation. He/she shall ensure that no other person has access to the Services without his consent.

Thus, it is prohibited inter alia for the Customer to use the Services to commit illicit acts or disseminate unlawful information, which is deemed to include procuring unauthorised access to details of connected networks, committing acts that compromise the proper functioning of the Services, endangering the use of performance capacity for other users, damaging or destroying the integrity of IT data, unsolicited
sending of large quantities of information with the same content (spamming), harassing persons and the dissemination of pornography or texts or images of a racist nature, material constituting an offence against decency or inciting the commission of serious and less-serious criminal offences, incitement to engage in illegal games of chance and competitions, etc.

The Customer undertakes to honour any intellectual property rights that might be associated with the Services or the data processed in the context of a Service. In this regard Ortel Mobile informs the Customer, who accepts it, that all trade names, logos, designations and trademarks used by Ortel Mobile in relation to the Services are protected under trademark law and use thereof by the Customer is prohibited.

C.5.3. Normal use in the framework of an unlimited offer
Various provisions of these General Terms and Conditions make reference to 'normal personal private use' or 'normal professional use' in the framework of an unlimited offer.
The terms ‘normal personal private use' or 'normal professional use' have the following meaning:
Normal personal private use or normal professional use in the framework of an unlimited offer permits very intensive use of the relevant Services. Only in the case of fraud (such as: commercial use of the contract, particularly for call centre or SIM box purposes, and/or allowing use by third parties), dishonest use or, more generally, use that is not consistent with use that may be expected from a customer (for example, the use of the mobile telephone as a baby monitor) is therefore deemed to be use that is not normal. Except in the case of special promotions that expressly deviate from the limits set out below, use will be considered fraudulent if the Customer, for example: with regard to Mobile Services: - regularly makes calls for more than 6 hours per day and/or 30 hours per week; or - regularly makes consecutive calls for more than 3 hours and/or during more than three hours makes uninterrupted consecutive calls that are immediately resumed after being interrupted; or - sends more than 300 text messages a day and/or 5000 text messages per month. In each of these cases Ortel Mobile reserves the right to limit provision of the Services or suspend and/or terminate the Agreement.

C.5.4. Liability
C.5.4.1. The Customer is and remains the sole party liable to Ortel Mobile for the performance of his/her obligations under the Agreement.

C.5.4.2. The Customer is liable for all losses occasioned to Ortel Mobile as a result of a breach by the Customer of any of his/her obligations under the Agreement.

C.6. Rates - Price Indexation

C.6.1. The various tariff plans in relation to the various Services can be obtained from

C.6.2. Various Tariff Plans offer the Customer the possibility of transferring unused call credit to the next month. In such cases, the call credit is used up as follows: the Customer first uses the call credit from the 'new' month and only once that is used up use is made of the call credit from the previous month.

C.6.3. Ortel Mobile may revise the prices in the Tariff Plan once a year during the month of January and adjust them in line with the consumer prices index. Considering this indexation falls under the meaning of Article 108 Sect. 2 of the Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005 and is not a rate increase, the Customer is not entitled to terminate the Agreement.

C.6.4. Unused free minutes expire at each reload.
C.7. Assignment of the Agreement
C.7.1. Ortel Mobile may wholly or in part assign its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to a third party without the Customer’s consent. This transfer shall not, however, result in any impairment of the Customer’s guarantees.
C.7.2. The Customer may only assign his/her rights and/or obligations resulting from the Agreement to a third party, whether wholly or in part, provided (i) Ortel Mobile gives its prior written consent, and (ii) both the Customer and the assignee have fully completed and signed the appropriate Ortel Mobile transfer form and have submitted it to Ortel Mobile.
C.8. Suspension of Services
C.8.1. By Ortel Mobile
After sending prior notification to the Customer Ortel Mobile may wholly or partly refuse or suspend the Services (including additional services, options, roaming and/or international communications) in any of the following cases:
• If the Customer fails to fulfil his/her obligations under the Agreement, or if he/she utilises the Services in a way contrary to the applicable statutory or regulatory provisions;
• in the event of total or partial non-payment of the invoice amount for a Service within the payment deadline, or in the event of insolvency or presumption of manifest insolvency;
• in the event of fraud, or a presumption of manifest fraud;
• if the customer has given incorrect, incomplete or false information;
• if the customer has refused to pay a specific deposit or down payment;
• in the event of abnormal use by the Customer (calls, very high volumes of downloads, etc.);
• if Ortel Mobile determines that the (mobile) telephone may cause interference on the network or is not approved in accordance with the applicable standards;
• on the basis of compulsory statutory requirements relating to the Network or installations of Ortel Mobile;
• in the event that the Customer fails to fulfil his/her obligations under another agreement with Ortel Mobile.

Ortel Mobile may also suspend the Services with immediate effect and without notice in whole or in part, in the following cases:
• on the basis of statutory requirements;
• in the event the proper functioning of the network or its installations may be compromised;
• in the event of a breach of contract or non-payment;
• in the event that fraud is discovered or suspected of such a nature that not suspending the Services could result in serious consequences for Ortel Mobile and/or third parties;
• in the event of bankruptcy or an application for postponement of payments, liquidation or dissolution of the Customer or an irreparable breach of the Agreement.

In the event of suspension with immediate effect and without prior notification, Ortel Mobile will, if requested in writing by the Customer, provide him/her with the necessary explanation within three (3) working days of receipt of the request.
In the aforementioned cases of suspension, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation from Ortel Mobile, except in the event of an unwarranted or unfounded suspension. In addition, the Customer continues to be bound by his/her obligations under the Agreement, including payment obligations. The suspension is lifted immediately when Ortel Mobile receives evidence that the situation has been rectified. The cost of deactivation and activation may be charged to the Customer.
C.9. Changes by Ortel Mobile
C.9.1. At least one month before a change in the Agreement, a rate increase (other than an increase in roaming charges), or a modification of the technical features of the Ortel Mobile Services comes into effect, Ortel Mobile will duly inform the Customer thereof if the proposed change or increase has implications for the Customer. The General Terms and Conditions can be consulted on the website at all times and rates can be consulted on the website of the relevant product website via
C.9.2. If a Customer who makes use of the Services through prepaid call credit does not accept the announced rate increase or change in the Agreement or in technical features, he/she shall in no event be entitled to the refund of purchased prepaid call credit. A customer who reloads prepaid call credit after the announcement of the changes is irrevocably deemed to have accepted the changes.

C.10. Queries, complaints and disputes
C.10.1. The Customer may address written questions and complaints regarding the Services or report the theft or loss or a defect in a SIM card to the customer service of Ortel Mobile that is dedicated to the Product or Service. One of the following channels can be used:
By letter to the correspondence address: Noordersingel 23 - 2140 Antwerp
By email:
By telephone: 078 050 010 (see C.10.4. for more details)
With an Ortel Mobile number: 1976 (free)

C.10.2. Ortel Mobile undertakes that it will resolve problems notified to it and that it is able to remedy in the shortest possible time. If the Customer is dissatisfied with the solution offered by Ortel Mobile, or if the customer is the victim of nuisance calls, he/she may contact the ombudsman for telecommunications: Koning Albert II-laan 8 bus 3 - 1000 Brussels - Complaints submitted to the ombudsman are only admissible if the Customer can show that he/she has first approached Ortel Mobile to attempt to find a solution.

C.10.3. Jurisdiction
Any dispute concerning the Agreement, or the performance or interpretation thereof that cannot be settled via Ortel Mobile or the ombudsman is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Brussels, as the place where the obligation has come into being, unless a special legislation should impose some other jurisdiction.

C.10.4. Applicable law
Belgian law applies to the Agreement.
Useful Information about Products and Services offered under the commercial name Ortel Mobile
If you have any questions, please call us at Ortel Mobile’s Customer Service. A team of specialist, multilingual staff is at your disposal.

Ortel Mobile’s Customer Service is available 7 days a week:
Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The number of the Customer Service for individuals is as follows:
• via the telephone or mobile, from Belgium:
Ortel Mobile Customers: 1976 (free)
Others: 078 050 010
• via the telephone or mobile, from abroad: +32 78 050 010

For more information about Products and Services offered under the commercial name Ortel Mobile go to

Version: June 2013
The company, Ortel Mobile NV cannot be held liable for any printing errors or any other errors in this publication. The features of the Products and Services are subject to change without prior notification. Consult the General Terms and Conditions of Ortel Mobile for more detailed information.

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